We are a team of horn enthusiasts out of the Central Ohio area. We drive around scaring people with our obnoxiously loud horns. As of right now the only horn we have under the hood is the Psychoblaster V2 from HornBlasters. However we have a Shocker Train Horn from HornBlasters as well as an Ooga horn in the process of being installed and should be operational by late Spring 2019. Check out some of our new videos in the video section!



All horn and public address systems used in our videos after 2015 come to us from HornBlasters, they have the best equipment money can buy. Click their logo below to visit them and get yourself a horn!



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HornBlasters equipment we currently own

-Psychoblaster v2

-Chrome Ooga Horn

-Shocker Train Horn

-100 Watt PA System with Siren